primeVibe is a mom and pop business if there ever was one. There are two main people behind the primeVibe business. There is a wonderful group of people/helpers surrounding them.

Jim is the owner and CEO. He’s a retired Fire Captain from San Francisco where he was born and raised. Debra is co-owner and is the manager of the business.

During the first 20 or so years of their marriage Jim and Debra operated two high end audio businesses. One was called James Romeyn Custom Audio. The other was Jim always said he worked at selling audio gear so he could afford to purchase gear that suited his taste. In fact the only two reasons Debra and Jim stopped selling high end audio equipment were to accommodate Jim’s mother who had moved to the couple’s house after Jim’s dad passed away and to give Jim total focus on his career after receiving his promotion to captain.

In 2007 Jim and Debra moved to Northern Utah to be near some vacation property and to enjoy an active retirement where Jim could ride his mountain bike when weather permitted. For two years that’s exactly what Jim did….but then something happened.  Jim was enticed back into sales. This time he found perfect sound and beauty in the guitars made by a local luthier…Ryan Thorell. Ryan’s guitars impressed Jim so much he asked Ryan to allow Jim to be his guitar broker. As all of Ryan’s guitars are  hand made Jim waited nine months for his first guitar. It was gorgeous,  however Jim, being an audiophile, wanted the guitar to sound as good as it looked and he knew it would over time…but being impatient Jim looked online for a device which would season the guitar, prime it, make it sound warm and played in. He couldn’t find anything that met his needs. So he developed his own play in device and that brings us to primeVibe.

Everyone involved in primeVibe is working as hard as they can to produce a product that will be completely user friendly and attractive and effective. Jim and Debra’s support system goes all the way to England and Hong Kong. For them it’s a true dream working with engineers and product managers who are all dedicated to finding the right recipe for the primeVibe transducers.

They want you to be happy with the results you get from the speakers and amp. And they hope you will love the sound your instrument produces after it’s been treated with primeVibe.

They wish you hours of happy playing!!!!



A hearty welcome to our Asia representative Johann Tay

Location: Singapore

Telephone: (65) 98300978