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   Rave German Review by Udo Pipper, July 2012 Guitarre&Bass Magazine


primeVibe quickly and efficiently seasons any guitar including solid body electric and bass guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, even drums and harmonica!


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Rave German Review by Udo Pipper, July 2012 Guitarre&Bass Magazine

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Excerpt from Udo’s review:

“…a brand new Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul inspired by Melvyn Franks…sounded quite dark and dull.  When directly compared to a ’53 Les Paul Goldtop Reference the new Gibson sounded good but the notes were a bit colorless.

After a full week of (primeVibe) seasoning I returned for direct comparison with the ’53 Les Paul.  Finally the effort was a complete success.  The seasoned Les Paul sounded much more dynamic and faster than the vintage model.  String separation was incredibly good, with a very precise response and tremendous balance expressed by a linear volume of all tones over the entire fingerboard.  I was pretty excited.

It is difficult to describe the result because it actually obtained the sound of the original Les Paul.  The tonal characteristics did not significantly change.  But the color and HF dynamics increased significantly.  They now sounded clearer and with the same definition as the ’53 Les Paul…”  End review quote.

Question: Are musicians interested in technology that can make a brand new guitar (or violin, etc) compete directly with a fifty-nine year old choice vintage model in only one week?