Maximizing Seasoning Power

Suitable signals for primeVibe amplifier include:

  1. “Fixed line level” such as “tape output” (usually RCA jack, requires adapter)
  2. Variable “preamp output” AKA “pre out” (usually RCA jack, requires adapter)
  3. Mini headphone output jack, employ interconnect included with primeVibe

 #1 is a fixed output that should work fine.  Use the primeVibe amp volume to set seasoning level.  

#2 and #3 both have variable level determined by volume control on the source.  If the source volume control is too high it could distort the input to the primeVibe amp.  (The amp makes 7W and exciter power handling is also 7W, a perfect match for each other.)  The resulting distortion causes the user to turn down the volume, thus minimizing seasoning power.  To avoid this simply:

  1. Connect primeVibe exciters to primeVibe amp and set exciters on the instrument. 
  2. Power up the seasoning source and set its volume to minimum.
  3. Power up primeVibe amp and set its volume to maximum.
  4. Play seasoning program on the seasoning source.
  5. Slowly advance volume control on seasoning source to desired level.

 The above instructions insure no unnecessary distortion at the primeVibe amp input, thus maximizing potential seasoning power.

 Happy playing!