Quieting primeVibe While Seasoning

Double Bass player/primeVibe user Andy Z. (before/after recordings and spectral analysis promised) recently recommended (and we agree) that users should always loosen (or remove) strings during seasoning for the following benefits:

  1. Lower volume
  2. Less tension on the top for quicker seasoning
  3. No excess seasoning at the notes equal to the open string tuning

Sensitivity to the sound during seasoning varies per user and environment.  Our place here in Utah is large and we don’t have a problem with it.  In a smallish studio or apartment you could possibly desire to season only when the location is unoccupied.  I estimate, with guitar, the maximum loudness with solo guitar music program is less than 1/2 the volume compared to actually playing the instrument.  I plan to get SPL levels and post them soon.

Possibly one of the reasons acoustic guitarists tend to crank up the volume while seasoning is because it sounds good.  My 40 year audiophile history and recording engineer history contributed to primeVibe’s birth.

Up to low-moderate volume levels, primeVibe provides dynamic and harmonic nuance surpassing some of the best high-fidelity systems, especially when employing recordings of solo instrument matching the instrument being seasoned.  This is less likely to apply when the program material is large scale with deep bass.

If a lower sound level is desired, well, turn down the volume .  As mentioned in the instructions, seasoning is quickest with the level just below that producing audible distortion.  So lower volume will lengthen the seasoning process for the same results, but the increased duration is impossible to accurately predict.

Plugging the sound hole with a clean towel, plastic or humidity cover (for guitar), etc., will quiet the operation.  If seasoning strength decreases it is only to the extent the top is physically damped.

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