primeVibe Multiple Instruments Simultaneously

Collectors, luthiers and repair shops desire to season multiple instruments simultaneously.  Normal use is two transducers per instrument.  Renown violin luthier Dr. Nagyvary employs one exciter per violin.  Some users report difficulty finding enough proper flat surface for two exciters per violin.  The smaller the instrument the more suitable is one exciter.  Still, though, the goal is always to increase seasoning intensity by employing two exciters whenever possible.

The output current and voltage magnitude varies between each music source (iPod, computer, boom box, CDP, etc.).  The greater is music source output current and voltage magnitude, the better is the source able to drive one or more primeVibe amps.  Music sources might be limited to drive only one primeVibe amp up to a maximum of about four.

If the music source has both a headphone output and a “line output” use the headphone output, which likely has greater current and voltage capacity.

If the music source has suitable current and voltage to drive more than one primeVibe amp: power two primeVibe kits with one music source plus a 3.5mm “Y” adapter (one 3.5mm plug/two 3.5mm jacks…THIS $2.00  or similar).  “Daisy-Chain” one music source up to a maximum of four primeVibe amps with the above described adapters.

One music source plus THIS $50 device powers up to seven primeVibe amps.

primeVibe adds value to any instrument it seasons, increasing both sound and playing quality.  You could publicize this upgrade, or keep it secret from your competitors, as some high end luthiers requested.

Little Grasshopper’s primeVibe proverb: “The sooner you adopt primeVibe seasoning technology, the sooner you distinguish your product and service from your competitors.”


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