We chose the color of Amethyst for several reasons.

primeVibeHere are the main ones:

First, purple is derived from the mixing of a strong warm color (red) and strong cool color (blue). So it has both warm and cool properties.

Second, we read that purple in a room can boost a person’s imagination and creativity.

Lastly, just before approving the production specifications for the first order the owner, James Romeyn, was shown a picture of a black primeVibe. Asked what he thought of black he said, “So many audio devices are black…what’s wrong with an eye popping color, one that stands out and promotes creativity? Aren’t all musicians expressing their creative ability when they play an instrument? Don’t they bring their own personalities to the performance? Let’s use the amethyst. It will represent the creative capacities of the musicians, whether they are just starting out or are very experienced.”