Wire Lead Bends

The exciter wire leads are wound for packing, causing “bends” which will naturally unwind about 24 hours after removing the tie and straightening the wire.  The bends could minimize effective exciter weight resulting in distortion and/or exciter “hopping.”

To quickly unwind the bends: hold the (four) tinned wire ends of both exciters in one hand, gently hanging both exciters by their own weight.  Apply low heat from a hair dryer three to six inches from the wire insulation, constantly moving the dryer vertically up and down over the insulation, while rotating your hand holding the tinned wire ends 180-degrees clockwise and counterclockwise. 

During this process do not hold the dryer stationary and do not hold the tinned wire ends stationary.

It’s difficult to estimate time for this process because it varies by hair dryer temperature.  Use caution, stopping early before damaging insulation rather than late.  You should see the bends quickly unwind and straighten.

Warning: Avoid excess heat buildup that could damage or disfigure the rubber silicone insulation.  Also, insure the insulation is fully cooled to room temperature before contacting the instrument.

We hope you enjoy primeVibe’s new-found musical performance!