Everything is New!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

James at T.H.E. Show

James at The Home Entertainment Show in Las Vegas.  Taken 2 months before he thought of primeVibe.  January 2010.

Starting this business is one of the best things we’ve ever done.
We were walking today…the autumn leaves were on fire, the canyon was dramatic surrounded by big white clouds…and we talked about primeVibe. Everything is new because of primeVibe. When you order from us we talk about your order. You mean a lot to us. And the people who are helping us mean a lot to us.
Jeremy Nivison, the person who put together this site is a talented musician and web designer. Ryan Thorell, (Master Luthier) met with James several times when asked for his expert advice. NXT Engineer Julian Fordham answered countless emails and helped design primeVibe.
Austin Weyand, the person who recorded our before and after music the first time, is a hardworking fellow, who has been supportive from the start. Jared Ricks is a fantastic illustrator and easily draws everything we ask him to draw flawlessly and quickly.
Johann Tay went to China for us! And brought Adam Chan who actually volunteered his help! As did Cornelius Ong Mingren in Singapore. And Martin Alan Roberts who is talented beyond belief organized everything, gave us advice and clarification every step of the way, and came up with the name primeVibe. 🙂 He is truly unbelievable!
This company is steadily receiving help from people we have recently met. Have you ever received help from a friend…a new friend…and have you felt totally humbled by it? That’s how we feel. We’re 100 % grateful. <3
We should receive our first shipment this week. Thanks Everybody!

Music Expo Show Shanghai China

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Johann Tay, in primeVibe booth

A big Thank you! to Johann Tay (left) and Adam Chan (below left) for showing primeVibe to folks at the Music Expo Show in Shanghai this month (October 2010).

After making a simple statement to people from China, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, Russia and the USA people caught the ball and knew exactly what “seasoning” was all about. We welcome questions, and reviews from people all over the world!

Adam Chan and Johann Tay

Thank you!