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Monday, June 7th, 2010

I’m married to the founder of primeVibe. He’s an audiophile. An audiophile spends more money on audio gear than vacations, clothes, furniture, and yes…cars. Once when visiting his home, while we dated about 29 years ago, Jim asked me to step outside. We crossed the street and he asked me to stay on the curb and stand there facing his house. I did. He went back to his home, turned on the stereo, and ran over to me smiling. He said, “Can you feel the bass?” When I concentrated I could feel the bass.

He and his friends listen for nuances also. Once, while listening to “Fly Me to the Moon” an audiophile friend said, “I heard Frank Sinatra turn his head!” My husband located the spot on the CD and added, “He did turn his head. I heard him draw a breath as he turned to his right.”

The point being that Jim and his friend believed that since they could hear small utterances, they could hear the music reproduced honestly and clearly…and that’s the goal for an audiophile. So it makes sense that Jim would want to provide a product that would draw out the best sound from an instrument. We certainly hope you hear the difference with primeVibe!