Will it stick?

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Sticky Candied Apples

Our primeVibe transducers are so small…so innocent looking…but a question occurred to primeVibe owner, Jim Romeyn a few days ago…”Will the rubber on the bottom of the transducers stick to instruments?”

Jim awoke and turned off his clock radio. The temps were already warm…it had been a hot night for Northern Utah. Jim found that the little rubber feet of his radio were partially melted and sticking to his night stand. This caused extreme panic as it was early and he was not thinking clearly and he knew his transducers had little rubber pads on the bottom. He asked himself, “On hot days will the rubber pads on my primeVibe transducers stick to instruments?”

He ran downstairs, emailed an engineer about the clock radio’s rubber feet, and asked if primeVibe speakers could stick to instruments. The engineer told Jim that the primeVibe transducers had “Silicone Content Rubber” the ideal material for protecting instruments. The silicone prevents the rubber from sticking to violin family instruments or guitars.  Plus simple math showed the exciters had many multiples less weight-to-surface area compared to the clock radio (the radio was quite heavy for its four tiny little rubber feet).

Jim sighed and since then he’s been telling people not to worry about the rubber bottoms sticking. They look at him with puzzled expressions…as sticking rubber pads are the farthest things from most people’s  minds..but because Jim’s clock radio had adhered to his night stand he goes on to explain why his rubber pads are safe. 🙂