Frank Vignola at the Sheraton Hotel, Salt Lake City

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Julien Labro (Composor, Acordian), James Romeyn (primeVibe CEO), Frank Vignola (Master Guitarist) Vinny Raniolo (Master Guitarist)

Frank Vignola plays a Ryan Thorell Guitar. We are very fortunate to know Ryan Thorell. He is a Master Luthier who lives in a small town just south of us called Hyrum.  Ryan and his wife Chelsea invited us to a guitar show/concert.  Thorell Fine Guitars sponsored The GAM Foundation’s jazzSLC show featuring Frank Vignola last night.

Since Jim is a guitar broker for Thorell Guitars he brought along two beauties to show in the lobby of the hotel outside the concert doors.  Guitarists  drooled over The Grand and The Sweet E Jazz Guitar before the concert, during intermission, and after the concert.

Then,  Frank Vignola’s double bass player and guitar player  felll in love with The Grand.

After seeing Frank Vignola we agree with this  quote by   “Guitar virtuosity at it’s highest level-a must hear.” The music was superb, the audience loved the humor throughout the show, and we applauded until our hands ached.

“Music is the poetry of the air.”  ~Richter


How did primeVibe come about?

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

James' first Thorell Guitar "The Grand"

It’s a short story. Jim talked his wife Debra into moving to Utah so he could mountain bike on the nearby Wasatch Mountain Range. After two years of enjoying retirement from the San Francisco Fire Department he went shopping for “the perfect guitar” and met luthier, Ryan Thorell. Jim fell in love with Ryan’s guitars, ordered one and asked Ryan if he would allow Jim to sell Thorell Guitars. Ryan said yes. Jim wanted to season his guitar and couldn’t find a device that would play-in his instrument. So he designed primeVibe with lots of help from speaker engineers. It’s a labor of love….love of music and great sound.